ISI International Strategy & Investment

ISI Vision Statement

We strive to be the Street's best investment research resource for our clients' money management performance.

ISI Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and deliver the most useful investment research to our clients.


We strive to publish investment research that is accurate, relevant, timely, clear, concise and useful. We strive to produce innovative original research that uncovers relevant investment trends not fully discounted by the markets. We strive to understand our clients' needs, from research to trading, and to provide them with customized solutions. We strive to attract and retain a highly effective team of professionals who take pride in helping make our clients successful.





Provides the foundation upon which we build strong relationships with each other, our clients, and with the community.

Separates us from the competition. Put simply, we strive to exceed all expectations. Our customer-oriented approach allows us to assure each client that we value and respect their needs.

Extends into all segments of our corporate life. Teamwork helps build relationships and knowledge, increasing the odds of excellence throughout the firm.




Inspires us to commit our energy and resources to the never-ending pursuit of providing our clients the best research services and products.

Helps us to translate our enjoyment of work into the business environment which creates camaraderie and friendship amongst ourselves and our clients.

Allows us to create an environment where our employees can achieve personal satisfaction and professional excellence.