ISI International Strategy & Investment

Company Surveys

Oscar Sloterbeck, CPA
Oscar Sloterbeck, CFA

Senior Managing Director
Head of Company Surveys
ISI’s Company Surveys Research Team

L to R: James Walsh, Oscar Sloterbeck
Charlene Saltzman

ISI Company Surveys, started in 1993 and currently headed by Oscar Sloterbeck, are ISI’s proprietary method of monitoring the economy on a weekly basis. The team typically talks to a CFO or Treasurer at over 377 companies in 29 economically sensitive industries.

ISI’s surveys provide timely signals on a bottom-up basis about the direction of the economy and inflation. In addition to company surveys, the team also conducts sentiment and allocation surveys of hedge funds, long-only institutional equity managers, and institutional bond managers. Each month, the team conducts the ISI’s State Tax Receipts Survey across 16 states capturing 64% of the US population.